Alcatel OmniPCX Office - Compact Edition for Small Business

Infiniti really is the intelligent choice for Alcatel Lucent telephone systems with:

  • Australia's only 100% money back guarantee on Alcatel Lucent pbx systems
  • Expert, qualified Alcatel Omni PCX phone technicians
  • Unbeatable pricing on Alcatel products
  • Free fixed price quoting
  • Australia wide local Alcatel Lucent support
  • Punctual service
  • Friendly expert advice
  • Free phone system support for the life of your Alcatel pbx
  • Huge range of Alcatel spare parts and accessories

Finding the right small business phone system can be confusing. Do you buy new? What about a used system? Which features do you really need?

When it comes to price you can now buy a state of the art Alcatel system for only a little more than a cheap second hand counterpart. Plus, it becomes an easy decision when you can now get the features you need and want included as standard so there’s no expensive “extra’s” or “upsells”:

  • Transfer calls
  • Place callers on hold
  • VoIP Technology
  • conference call
  • speed dial important customers
  • transfer calls to mobiles
  • connect cordless phones for mobility

SAVE OVER $500 on FREE Voicemail and Day Greetings

Unlike Panasonic, LG Aria, NEC and other manufacturers, features like Voicemail and day and night greetings are included at no charge on the Alcatel. This is what we mean no expensive upsells or extra’s. This will save you well over $500 vs. some systems and ensures you’ll never miss another call and your business will sound professional too.

If you don’t have a full time receptionist and everyone answers the calls it’s easy to get trapped on a call with no one else available. No more. The Alcatel will jump in when you can’t and answer the call with whatever you want it to say (“Welcome to ABC Company your call is important and we will be with you shortly”).

Even if you have a receptionists multiple calls can be a nightmare and unporfessional. “Please hold”, “Please hold” etc….

This technology gives you time to finish the call you’re on knowing the next one has been dealt with professionally. This saves you having to put people on hold, toggle between calls or even missing valuable opportunities ever again! And the best part is it’s a FREE feature.

After hours the same smart technology will answer callers with a different night greeting giving them the option to leave a message (with the free voicemail feature) or call back during business hours. Basically you’re covered 24/7!

You’ll wonder how you ever coped without this fantastic feature.


In a small business there are times when you don’t want to take a call, or simply can’t. This is where voicemail comes in to play. Another staff member can transfer the call to your extension and if you’re not there or on call it will go to voicemail.

As a minimum it will also allow callers after hours to leave messages on your general company voicemail box. It professional and doesn’t sound like an answering machine. Plus, more than one person can leave a message at the same time.

Just like voicemail on your mobile phone, callers know it’s private so they tell you exactly what they want. This saves time and money and is a lot more efficient. And the feature is FREE! On equivalent phone systems this is often a $500+ extra. Not with the Alcatel.

In short, the Alcatel Omni PCX is a great solution as well as being a VoIP compatible one. This means you can stop being ripped off by traditional carriers and really start to save your money!

Did you know that switching to VoIP can save as much as 75% off your phone bill ? Wouldn’t you prefer to spend your hard earned money on something else! It’s your choice.

Now there are two different models applicable for small business:

  1. Alcatel Omni PCX Compact for up to 8 staff – this “Compact” version offers all the features of it’s big brother but is capped at a maximum of 8 users. The upside is it’s cheaper. If you’re not going to grow beyond 8 staff then this system is the only choice.
  2. Alcatel Omni PCX for up to 8+ staff - this is the same as the compact but the system can expand up to an incredible 200 users. It costs just a little more so if you think your business will expand beyond 4lines/ 8 users then this is the right solution for you.

No matter which Alcatel Omni PCX telephone system option you choose you simply can’t go wrong. A telephone system that’s great value, packed full of free features and is ready for VoIP when you are. Call today and not only improve the way you communicate but start saving too.

Infiniti is your one stop shop for your small business. Call us today on 1800 783 386 for your free quote.

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