Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex Handset

Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex Handset
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Overview of the Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex Handset

The Alcatel 4020 handset is from the previous Alcatel Reflex series, and is no longer sold new. It was called the ?Premium? Reflex phone model. The equivalent new Alcatel phone is the 4029 handset.

We can help you with all your Alcatel 4020 Premium handset needs:

  • Unbeatable pricing on refurbished 4020 phones (not available new)
  • Trade-ins on a new system
  • 4020 spare parts and accessories
  • Wireless headset for 4020 handset
  • Free 4020 user guides (short version)
  • Free 4020 manual (complete)
  • Extra cards for system expansion
  • Cash paid for 4020 handsets

There is little price difference these days between a refurbished Alcatel 4020 handset and the top of the line 4035 phone. Before you buy make sure you ask our friendly staff about prices for both options.

Whatever you need, we?re Alcatel experts and look forward to helping with a free 4020 telephone quote or just some free advice.

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Like more information?

If you?re trying to locate an Alcatel 4020 user guide, or even the complete Alcatel 4020 manual, then check out our user manual and brochure tab for our free downloads.

For a free quote on extra Alcatel 4020 Advanced phones or a complete Alcatel Lucent telephone system please give our team a call today.

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  • Compatible with the OmniPCX 4400 PABX, 4200 PABX, OmniPCX PBX
  • Voicemail
  • Multiple line operation, up to 12 lines
  • Speakerphone with digital duplex technology for sharp, clear audio
  • Built-in caller ID
  • LCD display
  • Intercom function
  • Digital phone for integration with PC systems
  • Hands-free operation
  • Dial by name or number
  • Key-based navigation system


    There are no reviews for this product yet.

    There are no reviews for this product yet.

    Specifications of the Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex Handset

    Alcatel 4020 Handset

    What's in the Box of the Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex Handset

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